My creative journey in glass has seen me move from traditional stained-glass panels, through fused vessels, pâte-de-verre jewellery, to kiln carving and multimedia work.

Nature, palette and texture heavily influence my subject matter, materials, and techniques. My colours may be earthy or bright, but feel like offspring of the post-war palette. Landscapes and nature ignite my imagination and in turn, become part of my work.

Currently, I am enjoying the interaction of intention and accident. After I design a pattern and choose the glasses I will use in a piece, I apply patina to a metal or wood background. The organic texture created feels random, with a sense of age and its own story. The glass components I manipulate into forms and compositions also retain an expression of the controlled haphazardness of their formation.

I find glass and light together provide an endless, often startling, dynamism.

Commissions are welcome.


Phone:        519-238-1470